About us

At Blue Chip Recruiting we have over 30 years experience in the financial, legal and corporate finance markets; our knowledgeable team can deliver your organization intelligent and instinctive recruitment solutions.


Suzanne Gonsalves

Founder, Suzanne Gonsalves is a top tier recruiter in Western Canada. With 15+ years’ experience in the Calgary recruiting market and 15+ years in the Investment Industry Suzanne brings a wealth of knowledge and a vast network of contacts to her role as Investment and Finance Team Leader for Blue Chip Recruiting. Contact Suzanne – suzanne@bluechiprecruiting.ca


Mila Belic

Mila Belic is a part-time recruiter at Blue Chip Recruiting with 12+ years of experience working in the investment industry for various Calgary investment management and dealer firms. She brings a diverse network of contacts to her recruitment role within the investment industry due to her experience in Business Development and Investment Management Sales. Contact Mila – mila@bluechiprecruiting.ca